About Zella

My name is Philip Busch.  I am the son of Zella Busch.

Zella was born Zella Margulas somewhere in Rumania in the year 1919.  She was the youngest of five children and started in this world under very tough circumstances.  Her family was poor but motivated to make life better in any way they could.  To this end the Margulas family left Rumania with their four older children and their infant daughter  They  traveled through Europe until they could book passage on a steamer headed for New York.  Zella arrived in the United States at the age of two.

This site is not just a means of selling Zella's jewelry...it is also my way of honoring and remembering her.  There isn't much that I know about her younger years but I will write what I remember.  If you knew her I would appreciate any info you may have.  You can email me at phil@zellasjewelry.com.  If you would like I will post your information or I will keep it to myself.  It will be a slow process but as time permits I'll be adding to this page.

Zella didn't just buy and sell jewelry.  She loved what she did.  Each piece had meaning to her.  She would see something and know which of her customers would like it.  She often bought for customers without even speaking to them.  She knew they'd love it.

When I would visit Zella she would take out her latest purchases along with a loop and show me each one.  She would detail each piece to me with history, content and jewels...as if it was to be a part of her own collection not for resale.

Thanks for coming to see a little bit of Zella and the things she loved.

Zella had three brothers and a sister.  They were Willie, Leo, Dave and Sylvia.  She loved them dearly and in later years became like an older sister to them.  She would travel to Brooklyn to see Dave.  She spoke with Willie by phone and stayed close to his children Judy, Michael and Nicky.  In Florida for the winters she lived right across from Leo and his wife Esther.  She always made sure that her sister Sylvia was included in any family functions by driving to the Bronx to take her where she was going.

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